course on How to Patent your Project or innovative ideas in India

Start Date

11th August 2020

End Date

31st October 2020


14 : 22 PM

Audience Type

Faculty, Students


Sion - Mumbai


K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology ( KJSIEIT )

Event Details

Complete Video Course on Patent in India for Teachers and Students 


Have you ever got an Innovative idea ? What happens to those innovative ideas ?

  • You would get excited by the innovative idea at first
  • You would talk to your colleagues, friends and seniors 
  • You would go online and search for the information about that innovative idea, 
  • chances are you will see hundreds if not thousands of results in google that talk something similar to your innovative idea 
  • and... many times you get discouraged and quit following up with that idea...!!
  • Not even realizing, your innovative idea might have an 'inventive step' and could win Patent in India... 


Patents are not always given for 'ground breaking' or completely new inventions, But Patents are also given for incremental inventions as well, which can be a small but significant improvement in something already known to the public.


Having a patent filed or granted on your name means appreciationnews and media attention and even promotions !!!  

However,  in the last 10+ years upon handling 10000+ calls, emails, questions, meetings and discussion with inventors willing to file patent in India, We have observed a set pattern about missing piece of information or understanding about 'How to take an innovative idea from inception level to patent filed / patent pending level and ultimately to get Granted patent for the invention'


Complete course on How to Patent your Project or innovative ideas in India which is made available for teachers and students (without any cost).

This patent video course would help in clearing many such points and answer questions like:

  • Is my research project or innovative idea patentable?
  • How to speed up the process of idea stage to granted patent
  • what information should be ready at what step along the way
  • strategies to save time, costs and efforts in filing patent application
  • How to do preliminary search about innovative idea
  • How to review the results of the search
  • When to get encouraged and when to get discouraged when we see something similar to our research project or innovative idea?
  • how to file an international patent / pct patent application, etc... 

and many more practical doubts and questions about the entire process, steps and cost for filing patent for invention. 

For benefit of teachers and students :  link to this patent course 

This patent video course is completely free to access which includes 40+ videos and articleschecklists, flow charts, worksheets and every minute detail about the process. 

it would be extremely valuable for: 

  • Educational Institutes, 
  • Teachers, ME and PHD Professionals, 
  • Research Fellows 
  • and Students 

This website link ( https://patentattorneyworldwide.com/in/ )  will make this important information available for all Teachers and Students when they need it.