Time series Landsat 8 / Sentinel 2 / Hyperion images (need based) will be evaluated for discrimination of varieties and growth stages of sugarcane and for assessing nitrogen and water status of sugarcane crop. The study area covers Bagalkot and Belgaum districts of Karnataka. Time series satellite data will be evaluated for the discrimination of ruling sugarcane varieties cultivated in the study area such as Co 86032, CoC 671 and Co 91010 as well as the four distinct growth stages of sugarcane crop such as: germination phase, tillering (formative) phase, grand growth phase and maturity & ripening phase.The radiance values will be converted into surface reflectance images by a MODTRAN4-based technique. To discriminate varieties with similar reflectance values, multiple discriminant analysis (MDA) will be applied over the data. To obtain an adequate discriminant function, a stepwise method will be used to select the best variables among surface reflectance values, ratios of reflectance, and several spectral indices potentially sensitive to changes in chlorophyll content, leaf water, and lignin-cellulose. The VIs that show greater separability such as NDVI, GNDVI and GVI will be assessed for their suitability in discriminating sugarcane varieties and growth stages.

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