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  • 29 Sep, 2018
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Students' council is the largest student body of our college K.J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Sion.

With the help and co-ordination of all the faculty members and students it conducts Cultural, sports and technical festivals and various activities. Council also takes steps to ensure innovation and modernisation of the college along with tackling problems faced by students.




We are the Students’ Council of K. J.  Somaiya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology and we consist of students from every department of our college. We organise and execute various events throughout the year. We also are the mediator between faculty and the students, as we make sure that there is a continuous smooth relationship between the “two wheels” of the college. We host and arrange three festivals during the course of the year. In even semesters, we host Surge, the cultural festival and Score, the sports fest. In odd semesters, we have our technical fest, Renaissance. We strive to make all of the above festivals and events, memorable for every student and faculty.




We, the Students’ Council, are of opinion that dreaming small is a crime. We strive to ‘go out’ in everything we do. We want to make an environment in which every student and teacher can nurture, themselves and others, in. Every event organised during the academic year, should be the truest possible reflection of the essence regarding that event. We want that Surge, the cultural fest of the college, Score, the sports fest of the college, and Renaissance, the technical fest of the college to be the biggest celebration of every engineer’s mind, talents and athletics; and every year we go closer to achieving that target.




Our mission is to be able to find solution to each and every student’s grievances. We are of opinion that our college should be a cocoon to our students, in which they will learn everything required for their growth; and they fly out of this ‘cocoon’ as an honest and hardworking citizen of our nation. And we will go to any depth, to give our students, everything they require to achieve that and every other goal they dream of! 
















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