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Lab Set up Detail


Laboratory Name: Embedded System Lab, Second Floor, Room No. 207


Approximate cost: Rs.260,000,00/- (ARM donated 100 Keil software licences as a part of collaboration) and  Rs. 68,594/-( ARM donated ARM Cortex M3 (06 nos.) boards)


Lab Setup date: May 25th, 2014



Department of Electronics Engineering signed MoU with Eduvance, The educational ARM of Vanmat Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Santacruz (E), Mumbai-55 on February 10th, 2015.

Dr. Jonathan Joshi (CEO) was present and guided faculty and students about projects on ARM Cortex-MO+ based freedom boards and teaching materials. The main objective for MoU is to setting up Embedded System On chip lab with hardware donated by ARM University Program and Cypress Semiconductors.

The other objectives were

  • To facilitate the donation of education material and equipment for the lab from ARM University Program and Cypress University.
  • To conduct one faculty development workshop per year at no cost for faculty.
  • To provide knowledge sharing on latest technologies and projects with students and faculty.
  • To provide acess to students and faculty to training material created by Eduvance.

Following material issued by Eduvance for lab setup


PSoC 4 PIONEER Kit with cables -Quantity one



PSoC 5LP Development Kit with CD and cables-Quantity one


RDM Freescale Freedom platform kit-Quantity seven