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Entrepreneurship cell (E-cell)


Entrepreneurship cell (E-cell) is a student’s organization which identifies, nurtures and promotes entrepreneurial talent in technical students. It intends to evolve in to a world-class entrepreneurial talent in technical students. E-cell helps aspiring entrepreneurs to set up their own firms and by providing them proper guidance by hosting various workshops,  expert sessions, competitions and supporting them by providing necessary resources such as seed funding, monitoring and network, It is associated with the national entrepreneurship Network(NEN) to interact with and learn from likeminded people.

activities conducted under Entrepreneurship cell(E-cell)

Academic Year 2017- 2018

  • Expert Talk on ‘What to do before starting up?’

Riidl is a vibrant ecosystem for knowledge based start-ups and projects; trying to create focused groups who work on solving real world problems, skill de elopement projects and creating new ventures.

  • Center  of  Excellence  is  recently  established  for  development  in  evolution  Robotic  Process Automation area where in students and faculty are learning through MOOCS as well as training

Academic Year  2016- 2017

Entrepreneurship  week(E-week)  is  one  of  such  initiatives  which  envisions  providing  aspiring engineers the platform in promoting their individual and team skills.(27-03.17 to 01-04-17)


Events conducted:

  • Ammy’s
  • Art Expo
  • Just Dance
  • E-Movie
  • Campus Company

Academic Year 2015-2016

Entrepreneurship Week (E-Week) (23-02-06 to 26-02-16) Events Conducted:

  • Art Expo
  • Wiz Competition
  • Ad’s War
  • Short Film Making
  • E-Movie
  • B-Plan Competition
  • Social Challenge
  • Leadership Expo
  • E-Alumni Seminars
  • E-Week Festival
  • Various E-Sessions
  • Crowd Funding Workshops


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